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About Us

Edible Stories is the latest concept from a central kitchen in Hong Kong established in 2016. The concept is not about creating singular products or just churning out recipes. Instead, we aim to present food in a more complete way and elevate the entire dining experience. We are all about creating instantaneous power foods that can recharge and reset the minds of city life people while telling a flavourful story.
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Our Core Principles

1. The dish must be bursting with delightful flavours, which is essentially the most important factor for any food-related item
2. There are full of theoretical and cultural references that customers can relate to
3. The dish will be suitable for all occasions, whether as a light snack, a proper individual meal or sharing as part of a feast
4. The dish will require minimum effort to recreate, but there will also be room for creativity in terms of pairing and presentation
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Meet Our Team

Andrew Chan


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Andrew came across the F&B industry as a child when his late grandfather owned a series of Chinese restaurants while his father was in the tableware business. The fondest memories of his childhood have always been about food-related, whether it was a dish from Chinese restaurants, some home-style Shanghainese food from his grandmother or the opportunity to dine out with his parents. His experience was further broadened during his time studying in the UK, where he was exposed to a variety of cultures and cuisines from around the world.

After graduation, he came back to Hong Kong and worked as an accountant for a few years before transitioning into the F&B industry. Born into a family with a rich history in the industry, Andrew’s genes seem to have a natural talent for the business. He is always passionate about the enchanting stories of food origins, cultures, techniques or even industry secrets. Sharing these stories properly is the drive and motivation for him to continue working in the industry and the ethos of presentation also applies to his businesses. As a certified accountant, Andrew has seamlessly blended his expertise with his passion, making him the ideal candidate to lead the company as its head. Whether on or off the clock, he will always find time to sit down and have a chat about food and everything related.

Jason Luk


Unlike ordinary chefs, Chef Jason began his career as a pastry chef, therefore his attention to detail in different delicate layers of flavours has been the core principle of his culinary style. While he continued to hone his skills in various modern culinary techniques, he gained the opportunity to work in various award-winning outlets, whether it be a boutique restaurant or large restaurants & hotel groups in different cities, such as Bangkok, Shanghai and Dubai. As a result, his cooking style is more than just a flavourful experience, but a multi-sensory journey that infuses and combines ingredients from different backgrounds.

In a way, you can describe him as a culinary chameleon, always giving you pleasant and delightful surprises through the mix and match of different elements. It may be an exotic fruit from Thailand, or an off-the-shelf Japanese snack, but he has a way of combining and presenting them that makes his cooking truly unique. He is the creative director for all the dishes on offer. For special gatherings or occasions, experience the ultimate dining indulgence with Jason's private dinners. His personalised menus and exceptional culinary skills will take your enjoyment to the next level.