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Private Dining

A meal is just a meal until you can truly enjoy it, and enjoyment can come in many forms. It can be the food and drinks presented on the table, the service you receive, the overall presentation, the occasion of the meal or the company during the meal. At Edible Stories, we pride ourselves on presenting food in a more complete way and creating the best dining experiences, regardless of location. We believe in sharing stories and dining experiences through our dishes to elevate the overall enjoyment.
We believe that a key part of enjoyment also comes from your own taste and preferences. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food and drinks selections for various occasions. Therefore, our private dining service can be tailored to your exact needs for any occasion. Simply let us know your needs and we can make arrangements to help create a unique and memorable experience at your preferred location.
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Our Chef

Jason Luk

Our creative director Jason is a specialist in private dining. Having worked in various countries and different venues, he has the ability to integrate different cooking styles into dishes you desire. He has worked extensively with Mobichef and is highly regarded in their network of clients. If you are struggling with ideas, he can also make suggestions based on ingredients that are in season. Imagine an oriental infused omakase where you can tell your chef your specific needs or desires. If you like what we are offering on this website, you will love the food that he can prepare for you.

Specialised Cuisine

Unforgettable Private Dining

We have listed two sample menus here for your reference, feel free to reach out on or +852 6360 6643 for further enquiry.