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Delicias De Hurtada

The brand, like many Iberico ham-producing companies, has a long history of honouring the traditions and the crafts of the industry. Established in 1933, it is now on its 4th generation of family ownership and continues to grow in size. They currently have 9 production facilities and are mostly based in Guijuelo, a small town in the province of Salamanca, which itself produces more than 70% of the Iberico Hams in Spain.

The brand's biggest advantage is having its own farm, which ensures only the finest quality of Iberian pigs are used for their production. The product range does not emphasise the number of months of the dry-aging process. In fact, the process depends mostly on the breed of the pig, the weather as well as the size of the meat. There is no consistent formula and fixed date. Instead, it is still a very traditional process dictated by the craft and the experience of the producer. Therefore, each piece has its unique character and is handcrafted with the utmost care.

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